About me



My name is Oksana,

but you can call me


My private psychotherapy practice is based in Manchester, the epicentre of social change.

I identify as a Diversity Affirming Psychotherapist. Black Lives Matter! Women’s Lives Matter! LGBTQIA+ Lives Matter! Neurodivergent Lives Matter! Disabled Lives Matter! They matter with great intensity. Lives of different shapes, colours, and orientations matter. All lives matter, but some are born into privilege. I am here to support my clients in liberation from socially imposed constraints. I am here to support the trauma healing process that, for most of us, has started in childhood. I hear you. I see you. I stand by you.

Survive, strengthen, thrive and connect. Moving from the individual happiness from within to the satisfaction of living fully within a community we deserve.

My ethos is to capitalise on my white privilege in a passionate contribution to social change

Being trained as a Person-Centred Psychotherapist means that I don’t claim to be an expert. I facilitate a safe space for my clients to discover their unique definitions of happiness, success, meaning, and purpose, reclaiming personal power. Personally, I don’t particularly like when people tell me what to do. Likewise, I greatly respect the autonomous actualising spirit in others breaking free.

I have been described as passionate in my work promoting social change as well as intuitive, warm, genuine and compassionate in the way that I relate to people in the therapy room. 

My therapeutic approach is integrative, incorporating humanistic, person-centred, experiential, relational, dialogical, somatic and mindfulness modalities. I can adapt the way I work to suit your changing needs. If you like working creatively, we can explore the issues that you bring though creative psychotherapy with art, writing, poetry, music, movement and drama. I take the mind-body-spirit-community continuum approach to healing. Using a multi modal skill set, I offer complementary therapy to clients who are spiritually oriented.

Recognising the brain-gut connection, I can support my clients as a naturopath, with nutritional advise on request. 




-ND Trauma

-Childhood Trauma

-Unmasking/ The art of authentic living 



-Attachment issues

-rejection sensitivity disorder (RSD) 

-feminist issues 

-relationship difficulties 

-divorce/ separation 

-spiritual awakening challenges 

-IBD/ digestive issues



I currently offer face-to-face sessions in Manchester and online sessions for those who live further afield.


2023 – MSc in Psychotherapy and Counselling: Contemporary Creative Approaches – Edge Hill University
Approved by UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners (UKAHPP)
Dissertation: “Points of commonality or unmasking our differences? A Heuristic Self-Search Inquiry of Group Relational Depth in the psychotherapy trainee personal development group”
2020 – TA 101 at Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy
2020 – Certificate in Therapeutic Skills and Studies: Metanoia Institute
2013 – Diploma in Nutritional Therapy- Nutritinal Healing Foundation
2009 – Diploma in Health Kinesiology (HK)- Open College Network
2009 – Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life Coach – Institute od Leadership and Management (ILM)
2006 – MSc in Organisational Psychology- University of Manchester-Accredited by the BPS.
Dissertation: “The Impact of High Energy People on the Flow of Knowledge and Interactions in Organisations”
2004 – BSc in Psychology with Clinical Psychology- University of Kent at Canterbury

Autism ADHD affirming psychotherapist counselling in Manchester